C09 Mél-usine au Jardin

Mél-usine au jardin promotes environmentally-friendly urban and industrial practices. Integrating principles of phytoremediation and phytomining, it utilizes Swiss ruderal species for their pollutant absorption and decomposition abilities. These resilient plants thrive on mounds of local sediment and gravel, symbolizing the slow filtration process while providing a stable base for growth. A series of colorful pipes extends across the landscape, drawing lake water into the installation, while also attracting visitors to engage and explore. This water circulation allows plants to establish and perform their hidden depolluting and regenerative functions. At the end of the summer, the plants can be harvested and incinerated for energy and material extraction.

Throughout Lausanne Jardins 24, the installation offers an interactive experience, celebrating the transformative power of water. By irrigating the site, it regenerates a monofunctional urban space, nurturing the local ecosystem while mitigating the pollution from Lake Geneva.

In essence, this project showcases landscape design’s vital role in addressing environmental issues and fostering virtuous urban ecosystems.


Camille Delègue
Londres / Royaume-Uni
Günther Galligioni
Londres / Royaume-Uni
Martin Koenig
Londres / Graz, Royaume-Uni / Autriche


Saule de Suisse, Salix helvetica
Achillée millefeuille, Achillea millefolium
Campanule à feuilles de Cochléaire, Campanula cochleariifolia
Carotte sauvage, Daucus carota
Vipérine commune, Echium vulgare
Fétuque ovine, Festuca ovina
Grande Mauve, Malva sylvestris
Onagre bisannuelle, Oenothera biennis
Plantain lancéolé, Plantago lanceolata
Silène enflé, Silene vulgaris
Solidage verge d'or, Solidago virgaurea
Tanaisie commune, Tanacetum vulgare
Molène à fleurs denses, Verbascum densiflorum
Agrostide commune, Agrostis capillaris
Brassica napus, Brassica napus
Brome stérile, Bromus sterilis
Tournesol (variétés mélangées), Helianthus annus
Orge des rats, Hordeum murinum
Trèfle des prés, Trifolium pratense
Blé tendre, Triticum aestivum


Sable (recyclé de la plage)
Terre végétale
Tubes d’échafaudage recyclés
Pompe submersible
Escaliers en bois recyclés pour l’accès à la montagne


Giammarino & Fils Paysagistes SA
Richard & Fils Échafaudages SA
The Fountain Workshop


The Fountain Workshop