lausanne jardins 2019


There, it's finished !

Lausanne Jardins – terre à terre came to an end on October 12th...

The gardens are gradually dismantled, but some will linger longer, since in each edition, the City of Lausanne wishes to make some of the facilities partially or totally permanent.

Many thanks to all those who participated, as well as to the visitors. You have been many to come, to give us feedback, to make compliments or remarks on one garden or the other, or on places that you discovered on the route... You have also been many to attend the free animations, guided tours, concerts, workshops, conferences, screenings, etc.

The next edition will take place in the summer of 2024. The call for applications for the international ideas competition will be in 2022. To make sure you don't miss anything, sign up for our newsletter.

If you wish to follow our activities, you can also join the Association Jardin Urbain, the organization that oversees the Lausanne Jardins event. The association has set itself the goal of promoting other events related to the urban landscape.

Hope to see you again, to continue this great adventure!


Lausanne Jardins analyse les qualités du sol lausannois

2 September 2019

Absorption d'eau, climatisation de l'air et biodiversité : une étude pédologique mesure les services rendus par la terre en ville de Lausanne. lire plus >

Des images magnifiques de Lausanne Jardins en travelling et vue du ciel

19 August 2019

Le site consacre six vidéos à la manifestation, avec notamment les explications de la commissaire, d'un pédologue et d'une paysagiste. lire plus >

Palimpsest : les ballets fantôme de Lausanne Jardins

19 August 2019

Des capsules sonores mettent en mouvement et en histoires cinq sites de Lausanne Jardins 2019. Accédez à une nouvelle dimension, grâce à une application pour smartphone géolocalisée. lire plus >