lausanne jardins 2019


Place to live

Mur de la promenade Derrière-Bourg

©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax

Weed... Undesired but persistent, it grows in the cracks of several supporting walls on the route of Lausanne Jardins 2019, and a young girl looks after it. These resistant plants bear witness to the infinitesimal presence of substratum between the rocks as well as soil trapped in the wall. Weed is the symbol of free spaces — however tiny — where something can develop without monitoring, independently of the rules that govern daily life in the city. Neither human beings nor society can develop if thought and action only unfold within xed structures, following prede- termined models. Both require interstices where everything is possible: spaces to stop, marvel and let go. Let weed grow, and let us grow with it. 

On the walls of Avenue d’Échallens (at Montétan, opposite Parc Valency), Route de Bel-Air, Promenade Derrière-Bourg and Avenue du Léman. 

A week-end-long participatory urban performance will take place here, with plant observation and graphic intervention. From 13/7 to 14/7. Inscription and more information on our calendar.


Maria Vill, artiste (DE)
David Mannstein, artiste (DE)

Partners & Implementation

Marlene Vill, artiste (DE)
Maria Vill
David Mannstein