lausanne jardins 2019


Le Passage végétal

Passage Saint-François ouest

Depriving nearly all of the senses, on  first glance a “tunnel” may act as the antithesis of a garden. Le Passage Végétal seeks to transform this unpopular urban space by filling it with a moving pattern of increasingly stylized horehound — a medicinal plant in use since Antiquity, which is now endangered but still grows on the square at Saint-François. Through abstraction, the project draws our attention to the delicate beauty that can be found in urban vegetation. The  floral motif continues a long tradition of floral ornament which brings together nature and culture. With the urban “garden’s” details adorning its walls, the underpass becomes a desirable indoor-outdoor space; it serves as a pavilion, providing passerbys a cool shelter with dappled light in the heat of summer.


Bahar Akgün, architecte (TR)
Philippe Grossenbacher, architecte (CH)
Lara Mehling, architecte paysagiste (DE/US)
En collaboration avec :
Ljubica Arsić, architecte (RS)
Daniel Fuchs, architecte (CH)
Simon Mühlebach, architecte (CH)

Partners & Implementation

Service de l’éclairage public
Service des parcs et domaines
La Porch Sàrl
Musée et Jardins botaniques cantonaux
Caran d’Ache

List of Plants and Materials

Marrube blanc, Marrubium vulgare