lausanne jardins 2019


Vert de terre

Place Chauderon

Who dares follow me?

Populated with, and hollowed out by billions of earthworms, the city is riddled with tunnels that the eye cannot see, except for this giant specimen here. Slide, disappear and experience the life of a worm in Lausanne to enter their alternative urban world for a moment. Muffled city sounds, earthy smells, humidity, half-light and even darkness, the feeling of speed... Enough to disorientate you for a few seconds and take your imagination into the underground world of an essential being: the earthworm. 

For children of all ages!


Service des parcs et domaines sur une idée de :
Florian Barraud, dessinateur paysagiste (CH)
Johann Mange, répondant sécurité (CH)
Petra Meyer-Deisenhofer, déléguée aux places de jeux (CH)
Anne-Sophie Subilia, secrétaire (CH)

Partners & Implementation

Service des parcs et domaines
Direction des finances et de la mobilité
Service de l’éclairage public
Koller Paysage
Hinnen Spielplatzgeräte AG
Proxylon Sàrl