lausanne jardins 2019


Micro Macro

Square de Montétan

©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax

Strange things are happening in Place Montétan. Extensively maintained, seldom used, it is a haven of peace for all types of residents, and especially for the overgrown wild grass that has reached almost 200 times its usual size. Unless... unless it is the passers-by who have suddenly shrunk as they passed through the park’s small archway. With this jump of scale, the square’s users become like insects, miniature adventurers in the heart of the city. Seen from underneath, the plants look like sculptures, a vault, a maze for visitors who meander and suddenly find themselves far away from the agitation of the outside world.


Katharina Grimm, architecte (CH)
Anna Ninck, designer textile (CH)
Stefano Riggenbach, architecte paysagiste (CH)
Roni Selvi, anthropologue (DE)
Andreas Stebler, architecte (CH)
Jürg Tröhler, développeur de projet (CH)

Partners & Implementation

Riggenbach GmbH, Garten und Landschaft

List of Plants and Materials

Kiwi, Actinidia chinensis
Aristoloche, Aristolochia macrophylla
Bignone, Campsis radicans
Clématite, Clematis montana
Cobée grimpante, Cobaea scandens
Melon, Cucumis melo
Concombre, Cucumis sativus
Courgette, Cucurbita pepo var. giromontiina
Citrouille, Cucurbita pepo
Houblon, Humulus lupulus
Ipomée, Ipomoea lobata
Ipomée, Ipomoea tricolor
Jasmin, Jasminum of cinale
Haricot, Phaseolus vulgaris
Mûre, Rubus sectio rubus
Tomate cerise, Solanum lycopersicum
Capucine, Tropaeoleum majus
Vigne, Vitis vinifera
... et plus encore