lausanne jardins 2019



Parc de Valency

The park’s open ground provides large trees with a rare piece of freedom in the city. Here, their roots spread, stretch out and interweave as they please. Cambium invites us into the intimacy of two majestic beech trees. At their base, two circles of seeded jute bags — an imitation of the strata of cambium, the heart of the living wood — materialise the trees’ minimal vital space. They protect their roots without excluding passers-by, quite the contrary: they invite them into the withdrawn atmosphere that prevails under the canopy. A quiet place in contrast to the openness of the park, the palaver tree invites people to sit, relax, read and chat. One day, the bags will fall apart and return to the soil, which they will feed with their humus. 

Six Tuesdays of meetings, readings and performances will take place here under the trees. Detailed programme on


Philippe Clochard, Emmanuel Tonetti, In situ, architectes paysagistes (CH)
Pierre Bonnet, Atelier Bonnet architectes (CH)
Robert Ireland, artiste (CH)

Partners & Implementation

Fehlmann Paysages
EVAM – Etablissement vaudois d’accueil des migrants

List of Plants and Materials

Gazon « Schweizer ombres »