lausanne jardins 2019


Drapeaux d'enfants - jardin participatif

Place de la navigation

A forest of flags painted by children brings Place de la Navigation in Ouchy to life every year, from spring until the following winter. 

This year, it is based on the theme of soil and gardens. The children let their creativity run free to design the universe of the 27 flags: deep and edible roots, earthworm tunnels, worker ants, woodlouse and gluttonous collembola, punctual moles and burrows have fuelled and brought to life the underground world. For the world above, which draws its energy from the ground: aromatic plants, multicoloured flowers, food-loving bees, budding trees, wild grass, juicy fruit and seasonal vegetables. 

The underground expresses itself above ground. Open ground and gardens are invaluable treasures which we must look after. Let us discover how the children appropriate this topic!


Danièle Mussard, atelier-galerie Filambule
Les élèves et enseignant-e-s de 21 classes des collèges de Valency, Prélaz, Eglantine, Florimont, Chissiez