lausanne jardins 2019


Circulez! - jardin participatif

Chemin de la Cassinette 14

What if a bicycle, scooter, tricycle and balance bike path appeared in the heart of Cassinette? What if this road, which is usually dedicated to cars with its two traffic lanes and three rows of parking spaces, became an oasis of greenery and a playground? Surrounded by prairie to mark the boundary with the road and to welcome insects and florets, this temporary square offers an environment conducive to chatting and relaxing.

A garden created during a landscaping workshop led by Florence Ineichen (Lausanne Jardins 2019 team) and Jeremy Pamingle (landscape architect, Public Space and Landscape Of ce, Department of Parks and Gardens, City of Lausanne).


Jeremy Pamingle
Florence Ineichen
Marius Nüesch
en collaboration avec le Centre de quartier Bossons-Plaines du Loup et les habitantes et habitants du chemin de la Cassinette croisés lors des ateliers

Partners & Implementation

Service des parcs et domaines