lausanne jardins 2019


Du Cap à Bonne Espérance - jardin participatif

Chemin de Bonne Espérance 38

Right at the end of Chemin de Bonne-Espérance, in the heart of the Faverges district, lies a little passage that connects to Chemin du Cap right above, and accesses a bit of forest and the river that peacefully  flows through it. 

For Lausanne’s meanderer, walking along the bucolic Chemin du Renard, from the heights of the city to the mouth of La Vuachère and the Haldimand tower, this place is the gateway to the district. A car park, dustbins and concrete: welcome to Faverges! Yet, like a medieval seafarer sailing along the coast of Africa to reach the Indian Ocean, adventurers of all horizons will discover wonders by venturing into this little-known district in Lausanne. The installation of green towers will help draw attention to this passage and convey the spirit of the district. 

A garden created during a landscaping workshop led by Florence Ineichen (Lausanne Jardins 2019 team) and Jeremy Pamingle (landscape architect, Public Space and Landscape Of ce, Department of Parks and Gardens, City of Lausanne).


Gérard Cuennet
Chiara DeSalvo
François Grand
Florence Ineichen
Genette Lasserre
Maryllis Maillard
Maryrose Monnier
Isabelle Neukomm Guex
Marius Nüesch
Janine Overney
Jeremy Pamingle
Nat Sturzi

Partners & Implementation

en collaboration avec la Maison de quartier des Faverges
Service des parcs et domaines