lausanne jardins 2019



Bus n°9

©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax

Climb aboard the Vegibus! Connected to Line 9 on Lausanne’s public transport network like a mobile greenhouse for commuting plants, it travels across all the sites of Lausanne Jardins 2019, from Parc Valency all the way to Parc Guillemin. Maybe you will hear the call of some wild creature in Saint-Paul, see the geyser erupt in Saint-François or get caught in the mist in Avenue du Léman. In the confined space of the Vegibus, human beings and plants live, travel and daydream together, offering a little exoticism before the end of the line.


zap-design, architecture et graphisme, Suisse:
Cédric Brossy, architecte (CH)
Jean-Marc Alder, graphiste (CH)
Esteban Lopez, architecte (CH)
Arnaud Gardelle, architecte d’intérieur (CH)
Robert Gissinger, architecte- paysagiste (CH)

Partners & Implementation

Ducommun SA (habillage)
Transports publics de la région lausannoise SA