lausanne jardins 2019


Echappement fluvial

Vallon de la Vuachère

©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax

At the boundary between Lausanne and Pully, La Vuachère leads a peaceful and forgotten existence. Whomever has noticed that you cross a waterway at that exact point? Echappement fluvial (“Fluvial Evacuation”) helps passers-by recon-nect with the river but without disturbing its ecosystem, without even climbing down to the riverbed. Thanks to an old device, an ear tube, the murmur of the water climbs up to the level of the pavement to foster sound contemplation. According to the season, the weather conditions and the level of the water, the sound acts as dynamically as the river itself: a gentle lapping or a frequency-rich swishing depending on the mood of the rain. A way of experiencing La Vuachère aesthetically through hearing...


Team Sol – Concept et design:
Susann Ahn, architecte paysagiste, (DE)
Philipp Urech, architecte (CH)
Matthias Vollmer, architecte (CH)
Hörstadt – Laboratoire pour l’acoustique, l’espace et la société:
Anatol Bogendorfer, artiste (AT)

Partners & Implementation

Jörg Bosshard (charpentier), Tabea Cray, Stefan Füreder, Mart Simisker