lausanne jardins 2019


Le Ciné-parc de la terre

Parvis Saint-Jacques

©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax

Welcome to the Cine-parc de la terre! Grandiose show, exceptional panorama and communion with endless landscapes guaranteed! The film is usually reserved for cars parked in the car park in front of Saint-Jacques Church but exclusively for Lausanne Jardins 2019, human visitors are invited to sit in the cars for a US-style drive-in session. Take a seat, watch and listen to the Earth’s story!


ST raum a., Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin :
Tobias Micke, architecte paysagiste (DE)
Jérôme Duréault, architecte paysagiste (FR)

Partners & Implementation

Fondation de Saint-Jacques

List of Plants and Materials

Gaura de Lindheimer, Oenothera lindheimeri