lausanne jardins 2019



Promenade Jean-Jacques Mercier

Despite its exceptional botanical diversity, Promenade Jean-Jacques Mercier is trapped by its classical identity and unshakeable beauty. For a few months, Pranvera has reinterpreted the park, inventing a new narrative, thanks to a combination of poetic and baroque machines. 

At the top of the promenade, a camera obscura, a lair with a luminescent skin and a burnt-out heart offers visitors another vision of the park. Further on, a staircase disappears in the clouds and the ferns thanks to the magic spell of a fog machine. The density of this fresh and humid atmosphere will not escape the fog nets which are binding their time below to collect, condense, recuperate and transmit the water particles. Each drop counts for the water clocks, which also keep track of rainwater and time, distending it and letting it ow drop by drop. 

In the distance, a strange melody echoes: waterfalls sing while a voice chants the names of the 350 tree species in the park. The park is like a theatre featuring performances that combine ancient myths with nature rituals.


Emmanuelle Agustoni, architecte (CH)
Marie-Astrid Chavanes, architecte paysagiste (FR)
Marine Fleury, architecte scénographe (CH)
Myriam Treiber, architecte designer (FR)

En collaboration avec
Tom Bourdon, plasticien, régisseur
Jeanne Brouaye, comédienne
Andrea Fabi, comédien

Partners & Implementation

A. Caro – Travaux (maçonnerie)
Nunes Serrurerie (métal)
Gmeau conseils (brumisation)
Petrus SA (tôle)

List of Plants and Materials

Fougère pectinée, Blechnum spicant
Fougère, Dryopteris erythrosora
Fougère à écaille dorée, Dryopteris wallichiana
Fausse fougère mâle, Dryopteris affinis
Graminées, Miscanthus sinensis
Graminées, Pennisetum
Mousse, Bryophyta