lausanne jardins 2019


Une visite à la famille Mercier

Promenade Jean-Jacques Mercier

©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax©LJ19/Stéphanie Gygax

Enter an alternative story, that of Villa Mercier and its luxuriant, meandering and private garden. In the late 19th century, the Mercier family, who owned the plot of land, planned to build a house there. However, the neighbourhood was opposed to its construction which would have obscured the view. The Mercier family then offered the land to the city, which turned it into a park. The monumental effect of the installation shows the impact that this real estate development project might have had on the soil, which ultimately remained open and accessible to the public. Thanks to its presence, the construction helps arouse the curiosity of passers-by who, once they have passed the entrance gate, get to discover a wonderful and little-known park in Lausanne.


Tomas Degenaar, architecte paysagiste (NL)
Joost Emmerik, garden designer (NL)

En collaboration avec
Jos Thorndyke,
architecte paysagiste (UK)

Partners & Implementation

Richard et ls SA (échafaudages)
Loyal Trade (bâches)